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AVAG launches S.E.A.

Social Entrepreneurship Auroville

As part of our strategy for community based village development we see a need for businesses grounded in the region, where young people can build a career without having to migrate to large cities, and where locally relevant products and services are developed and distributed. We are incubating a few such enterprises directly within AVAG (see here), but would like to see hundred’s more. What defines social entrepreneurship (see Schwab Foundation version here)? Who are the social entrepreneurs in our region? And what do they need to flourish?


  • To start with, we promoted a practitioners peer learning activity called Success Team. Every week entrepreneurs share actual challenges and get support from each other. This is now a self-organising model which we want to promote more widely.
  • We offer coaching, mentoring and business development support to both established and new social enterprises. Anyone willing to come and meet us in Auroville is welcome.
  • For people to meet and discuss ideas, challenges, specific projects, and network with professional service providers we set up AuroConnect -a HUB located in Kuilapalayam village within a coffee shop called KofiBar.
  • To deepen our understanding of the felt needs of existing and potential entrepreneurs we are conducting research among:
    • Auroville based social entrepreneurs
    • Entrepreneurs active in the region (we loosely define this as “anyone willing to travel to AV when needed”
    • Potential social entrepreneurs among youth from the region (both studying and graduated)
  • We are building a community of service providers, including professionals in the area of finance, human resources, logistics, operations, marketing, design and technology.
  • We participate in workshops, retreats, trainings, consultancies & events whenever relevant.


Organisations we work with and would like to work more with include:

VILLGRO -our neighbours and big anna in Chennai

UnLtd India -our mentors and promoters of Bombay Connect

SAVI -the Auroville portal for students and professional volunteers

Ashoka India -home of India’s tribe of Changemakers

CCD -home of major intervention builder Mr Muthu Velayutham

TNCWD -a very ambitious govt program reaching 6 million women in our state

Samanvaya -Ram’s place

Sustainable Brands learning library