We are in the midst of the most momentous challenge in living memory. The pandemic is testing the humanitarian community and its ability to help people in crisis now more than ever.
Here in our working area, which is in the most backward district of Villupuram in Tamil Nadu, the spread is increasing day by day. But people have difficulty to follow the social and health practices recommended by the WHO and the government of India as the age old practices and cultural habits tend to be much stronger than the new rules and guidelines.
Further, spread of the virus will have a devastating effect on the lives and economy of already marginalized communities. That is why urgent action must be implemented quickl to increase awareness and collective determination to fight the pandemic in each village. In an effort to tackle the crisis, we have recently launched various education and prevention initiatives to support 15,000 families in 75 settlements around Auroville with the cooperation of the villagers and the guidance of the local authorities, like the Deputy Superintendent of Police and the Block Medical Officer.
To empower the communities, we are establishing village and street – level task forces to follow the preventive measures and to stay informed of the updates from the government as well as nurturing continuous linkages with the local government health and police department.  The communities are very supportive to this campaign and look forward to executing it.
We support community initiatives and promote best hand-washing behaviour , hygiene practices, physical distancing and the use of face masks. We are also using a door to door leaflet distribution, posters, flyers, banners, auto-rickshaw canvassing and social media messages including colored pictures to create better understanding.We are providing hygiene supplies such as the distribution of reusable cotton cloth masks, four per family, stitched by local people -mostly women who are jobless or partly employed due to the pandemic – and homeopathic immune booster Arsenicum Album 30 and raising awareness of local foods and plants that serve as natural immune boosters.
We are very grateful and thankful for this amazing cooperation and unfolding. But to keep this successful campaign going we urgently need to raise 17 lakh (20,000 Euro/$22,500), we are currently half way there!

Please help us to support the villages around us. 

Any support, donations in-kind or financially it is deeply appreciated

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