Crisis - an opportune moment for development

This year was a period for reflection and promoting collective actions through our relief, education, prevention, and all development initiatives. We have demonstrated collaborative actions by partnering with the international organizations – like the Foundation for World Education, Stitchting De Zaaier, Auroville Internationals, and World Dignity.Inc.,- individuals and units in Auroville, various departments of the government, and the community representatives. 

We used the difficult situation as an opportunity for co-development and social harmony, which is always a major preoccupation of AVAG. Our actions were towards building up the capacity of the communities for positive action and cooperation. In the villages around Auroville, bio-regional, village, and street-level volunteers were selected and trained to serve as ambassadors for the safety and well being of their area. People took more responsibility to care for each other and to support the neediest.

Need to do more

A lot needs to be done in the villages. As much as possible, we plan to link people with various government schemes. For example, during the pandemic, many artisans were not able to get the support announced by the government since they were not registered with the relevant government departments. As the economic activities of many, particularly the marginalized got affected families face difficulties to pay for the educational expenses of the children. We fear that this would very much impact the girls getting the education and already we see instances of young girls getting married at the age of 18 without sending them to colleges.  The reports of the government reveal an increase in violence against women and children.

In recent months, since there is not enough cash flow in the families, we hear stories of people getting loans from the money lenders and MFIs and pay 35-60 percent interest. While working with the communities, we noticed houses, particularly of the aged, single women, and the most marginalized in a very poor state since they did not have the resources to repair the houses. Though the villages are ready to help us identify the right beneficiaries, there is no resource with them to support the neediest. There are not enough schemes by the government to repair the houses or to support education. 

We have mobilized totally INR. 17,202,48.53 to impact around 16,000 families in 78 settlements. While all the families received homeopathy immune booster, masks and educational flyers on the pandemic and the guidelines to control the spread of the disease, around 9000 most marginalized families, mostly from the villages and settlements around Auroville, got food and hygiene materials as well.

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