About Us

Our Organization

Founded in 1983, Auroville Village Action Group (AVAG) is a unit under Auroville Village Action Trust (AVAT) committed to grassroots and holistic community building in the bio-region of Auroville. It is a non- governmental organisation for promoting integrated development in the Vanur Block of Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu, India.

Our Vision

To attain a society that is inclusive, culturally rich, fair and sustainable and to reveal the innate wisdom and manifest the full potential of rural communities through collaborative efforts.

How We Work

Our emphasis is on co-development and we work directly with community groups in designing solutions based on deep understanding of the needs of the communities. Our unique approach towards rural development is by raising awareness on issues like caste, discrimination, violence, wellbeing violence, wellbeing etc which hinder the overall growth of the society.

Being an outreach wing of Auroville, we are in a unique position to facilitate positive exchange between rural communities and global citizens. We believe that the strengths of these combined communities can help overcome the limitations of both groups and progress towards the development of the bio region.

Who We Work With

In our inclusive community-building mission, we work with all sections of the society irrespective of the class, caste, gender, religion, and region.

People who live in harsh social and economic conditions. The rapidly urbanizing population of India speaks volumes about the poor condition of the villages, where the lack of employment, education and decline in traditional livelihoods such as agriculture have made people vulnerable to poverty, exploitation and displacement.

Our Team

Our strength is our team; We have a group of dedicated individuals from Auroville and the Bio-region, who contribute their time and expertise to the upliftment of local communities.