Community driven development

Our emphasis is not charity or service, but co-development with the village communities to cultivate their Knowledge, Skills and Confidence. AVAG promotes an ideal of inclusive development of the village society, democracy building and social advocacy, primarily in gender equity and caste equality — as the foundation stones for building a sustainable and healthy rural Indian society. The common goal of our initiatives is to co-create and execute sustainable developmental plans for the villages of Auroville’s bioregion.

Self Help Group

Our main vehicle for Social Development Work is through an extensive network of Self Help Groups for Women and Men in the rural communities that work towards the socio-economic development of individuals and the community at large.


We incubated the creation of Women’s and Men’s Federations, an important step towards self-governance and empowerment by transferring decision-making and administrative duties directly to the beneficiaries. Udhayam Women’s federation is a registered entity and an umbrella for all SHGs that has 5200 members, around 350 general body members, 40 executive committee members, and 9 office bearers.

It is a body that represents the voices of the women in all the SHGs and it supports the organization in taking decisions related to the programs in the villages. The federation also supports the organization in the effective execution and monitoring of the activities for women.

AVAG organizes regular yealy meetings for the leaders of the women’s federation and training on topics like the Panchayat Raj Act, domestic violence against women and child sexual abuse, effective communication.


ABSCA - Auroville Bioregional Sports & Cultural Association

Is a collaborative effort amongst AVAG, Auroville Sports Resource Centre (AVSRC), Dehashakti and Paalam, committed to promote the benefits of Sport activities in the Auroville bio-region and to serve as a platform to foster human unity and a means for positive interaction between the youth in Auroville and the surrounding villages.

This project aims to create career opportunities for the local youth in the field of sports by creating access to scholarships and sports colleges. More than 1000 local youth are benefiting by sports training, education and employment under ABSCA.

Kabaddi For Change

Meet these inspiring women who are challenging the status quo by breaking stereotypes such as sports being a male dominated space, especially in rural India.

PAALAM Youth Network

“The Youth of today are leaders of tomorrow.” Paalam, (meaning bridge in Tamil), is a project that was established to impact unity between Auroville and the local villages and improve well being in the villages. This project aims to train youths, both men and women from 18 villages and settlements in development initiatives and in executing activities to improve the cooperation with Auroville and between the villages as well.