Community Development

What We Do

We offer strategic services in the areas of Capacity Building, Economic Development, Community Development, and Psychosocial Services, to promote integrated rural development and empowerment of individuals and communities, with a focus on women and other marginalized groups.

Our emphasis is not on charity or service, but co-development with villagers to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to build a better future for all.

Exchange Program

An initiative towards breaking prejudices and barriers among different social groups by facilitating positive interaction between people from different castes in the village to bring a sense of respect,unity and better understanding of each other.


Micro Projects and Work Camps

Within these programs we provide financial and advisory support to local communities to effectively organize themselves to identify community needs and address local problems in a timely manner. Up to 50 % of the project costs is covered by the communities in the form of cash, kind or labor which ensures complete people’s participation.


By using the existing SHG structure, costs are reduced, allowing AVAG to partner in projects through a small, one-time investment. Work camps are simple projects that can often be completed in half a day while micro projects sometimes take up to a week to complete.

What are some of the projects?

On a yearly basis, about 25 work camps, involving around 523 participants, among both genders take place. The work comprises, clearing the thorny bushes on the roadside, cutting the branches of the trees touching the electricity lines, cleaning the village streets and common places, collecting garbage, replacing a damaged electricity post, painting work, school renovation...

What is the impact?

The confidence and skills women have gained from participation in traditionally “male areas” of work has done much to earn them respect from their male counterparts, a vital step in the gender sensitization process.


Events and Community Celebrations

Events and community Celebrations create opportunities for the members of the CBOs like the Udhayam Women’s Federation, Men’s Groups, PAALAM and ABSCA to showcase their talents. It also enables the villages to know and acknowledge the skills and talents existing in their communities. These events, coordinated by AVAG and the CBO’s, foster cooperation, solidarity and unity and the participants feel a great zeal of fulfillment and togetherness.

Service & Awareness Programs

In collaboration with the relevant institutions, AVAG organises health camps, eye camps, children’s summer camps, women’s day and Pongal celebration, awareness programs on civil rights & liberties, seminars on government schemes, debating clubs & focus group discussions and other awareness camps in the villages for the benefit of a cluster of villages.

Impact & Collaborations


Emergency Response

We help organise residents to combine their efforts and respond to emergencies as a community. While many organisations only distribute relief materials, we follow a participatory approach for the well-being of the communities. Some of our initiatives have been: Disaster Management and Preparedness including First Aid, House Repair Scheme, Mosquito control, Water purification, water borne disease prevention, food and clothing supply and health camps.

Exposure Trips

Exposure trips are an essential part of AVAG’s programs, expanding participants’ knowledge of the world outside their normal spheres of activity. They are offered to members of different CBOs like SHG and Federation members, members of the Panchayats, PAALAM and ABSC and the staff of AVAG. We visit places of cultural and educational importance in the surrounding region and other parts of Tamil Nadu. Auroville especially has a lot to offer in terms of innovation and application of renewable energies, organic farming, herbal kitchen gardens, healing and alternative technologies.