Psychosocial Service

Why provide counselling and psychosocial support?

The percentage of women facing domestic violence is increasing by the day, where over 40.4% women are victims of violence, which is double the national average of 21%. Many of the women justified assault by their husbands for various reasons, indicating a high degree of helplessness and self-deprecation. Unfortunately, when it comes to the rural women, there is lack of sufficient psychological and legal counseling services to counteract these issues. This has led to a devastating rate of suicides in the Vanur block.

From 2007 to 2010, each year 7-10 women in our SHG network committed suicide with the similar number of failed attempts. This made us realise the need to provide psychological support services in our area.Due to our consistent and effective methods, the number has come down to 0-2. We see this as our one of the most satisfying initiatives.

With the aim to protect the emotional, mental and spiritual health of the members of the communities, we offer services to individuals, families and groups in the areas of Energy Healing, Somatic Experiencing, Counselling, de-addiction. These services are available for women, men and children.

We orgainise workshops in Art Therapy and Laughter Yoga the staff and members of the social enterprise AVAL, and the leaders of the CBOs.

We conduct a series of Energy Healing Workshops,Addiction  Awareness, Self-­Analysis Workshops and also train the staff at AVAG and Federation members in healing practices.
Since we are privileged to be a part of Auroville, we get enough highly skilled national and international therapists and healers to support us with this work. They train our staff and the interested leaders of the federation and SHGs. Sessions are offered to highly traumatised individuals and followed up.

Staff trained in counselling and healing techniques support the affected ones and refer them for further care whenever needed.

In our training and seminars we raise awareness on the issues and services available.

We refer the victims of alcohol abuse to the rehabilitation centres in our area and support the institutions with follow up. 

Somatic Experience

Somatic Experiencing techniques give beneficiaries basic tools for dealing with stress, anxiety, and even trauma. Staff and SHG leaders are trained in rudimentary principals to perform initial interventions with beneficiaries in crisis.

We partnered with Lotus Circle International, a San Francisco group to provide Somatic Experiencing trainings and counseling sessions for staff and beneficiaries.

De-Addiction Services

Alcoholism is one of the biggest threats facing our community members. It leads to violence, indebtedness, abuse of women and children, stress and trauma. We are working to alleviate the problem in our member communities.

Counselling and Mediation

We provide counselling services to individuals and families to help them deal with the issues and stress and trauma better. Our staff is trained in basic counselling and mediation methods, and offers these services in their trips to the villages. In addition, We help connect those in need with government services and other relevant organizations.

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