In rural India, girls face particular challenges with access to education, because the priority to educate the girl child is low. Coupled with rising costs of education and a lack of institutional financial support, the girl child’s education is often compromised, resulting in low literacy levels and low quality of life.

The project was initiated in 2015 with the financial support of MSSL, to provide a sustainable model of financial support for girl students, from rural and poor communities in the Vanur Block of Villupuram District in Tamil Nadu.
  • To initiate a financial support system for girl students of particularly deprived families so that they may have access to proper education.
  • To create a revolving system that could sustain the activity for the education of girls on a permanent basis.
  • To build a support system to help in getting quality education such as training in computer and spoken English, life skill training, and exposure visits.
  • The loans have to be applied through the 300 Self Help Groups of AVAG and approved by the Udhayam Women’s Federation, which is an umbrella for all groups.
  • Loans repaid is made available to other girl students in need.
  • Effective continuation of the activity and regular financial support for the education of girl students from poor families is ensured.
  • The financial resources coming from the interest paid on the loans are used for administration, monitoring and to provide appropriate support in their education journey.
Loans disbursed
Girls Supported

Stories Of Hope

Padma, from Manipura Self Help Group, works as a gardener while her husband works as a farmer. They have two daughters. One is presently studying to be a nurse, while the second is in twelfth standard. Padma explains that prior to receiving a loan for her daughters’ education through AVAG, she was contemplating getting a loan from money lenders, who charge 60% interest rate per year. For her, this would have meant paying a monthly interest of INR 3000 for a loan of INR 50,000 – a financial requirement that she deemed impossible to meet. Padma can now repay her loan in 25 monthly installments of INR 2000 and can thus support her daughters’ education without worrying. She notes: “I am very happy and grateful for the support given by AVAG and my Self Help Group.

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