This program aims to give students access to a curriculum that is creative, joyful, participatory and life related and a wide range of topics and experiences that are beyond the academic system, in order to motivate them on the manifold avenues open to them in the world.


Most of the schools where our students are studying do not have playgrounds, materials for sports or creativity, and some schools do not even have basic facilities like toilets and safe drinking water. Mostly children are trained only in rote learning without space for creativity and logical thinking. This results in poor quality education for the students and lack of life skills for their future.

Project Details

AVAG’s Summer Camp program is a five-week summer initiative for students from the bio-region, and consists of supplementary education programs and a series of activities and exposure visits for overall development.

The camp is aimed at bringing awareness towards topics like Gender, Caste, Society, Child Rights Violence and Sexual Abuse, Reproductive Health, Environment, Hygiene ,Nutrition and Yoga. Furthermore, these five weeks entail  activities to improve the youth’s life skills like communication, leadership, critical thinking, teamwork. The goal is to make the students conscious of what happens around them, bring them knowledge about the world in order to make them affirm their opinions and values.

"The moment my mother informed me of the summer camp I wanted to join because She told me I would be taught computers and dance here. I love both very much and didn’t get the chance to learn computers before. I had some issues because my father didn’t want me to come so I fought with my family and refused to eat. Everyone here is affectionate warm concerned, this I have never experienced at home."
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